Competition Terms


The Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition Hannover (JJV Hannover) will be held between October 11th and 27th, 2018. It is a triennial event presented by the Stiftung Niedersachsen. The Participation is open to violinists of all nationalities born between Oct 27th, 1990 and October 13th, 2002.

In order to complete the application, you have to send in a DVD recording to Stiftung Niedersachsen (Stiftung Niedersachsen, Joseph Joachim Violin Competition, Sophienstr. 2, 30159 Hannover, GERMANY) which is to contain three tracks (regard the Rules & Regulations).

Application Deadline: Wednesday, May 30th, 2018


Ready to start? You will need:

 ◉ your birth certification or similar official document furnishing proof of date and place of birth (ready for upload *.jpg or *.pdf)

 ◉ passport picture (ready for upload *.jpg)

 ◉ high-quality digital photograph, copyright free (ready for upload *.jpg)

 ◉ your addresses between June 5th and October 10th, 2018

 ◉ a list of your musical education

 ◉ two letters of recommendation, written especially for the 2018 JJV Hannover by musicians of acknowledged international standing

 ◉ a list of your personal repertoire - violin concerti, sonatas, virtuose pieces (ready for upload *.doc, *.docx or *.pdf)

 ◉ a list of your recent public performances (ready for upload *.doc, *.docx or *.pdf)

 ◉ your competition repertoire

 ◉ the DVD repertoire



competition terms

competition terms