Brandenburg Summer Concerts

Brandenburgische Sommerkonzerte
© Brandenburgische Sommerkonzerte | Photo: iStockphoto/senorcampesino/Andreas Bauer

30 years of nature – encounter – culture

The Brandenburg Summer Concerts are the largest music festival of the entire region Brandenburg-Berlin. Every year at the weekends from June till September around 30 “classics on country tours” take place across the whole of Brandenburg and Berlin. Stars and ensembles of classical music and many other styles, as well as artists from literature, painting or dance meet the sights of castles, churches, monasteries, industrial and other architectural monuments of Brandenburg. Combined with the intensive experience of nature, culinary delicacies and the exchange with the people of this region, it becomes a cultural excursion and an overall experience that has particularly shaped the Brandenburg Summer Concerts for 30 years.

During the anniversary season the festival presents 30 concerts with renowned artists such as mandolin star Avital, piano grandmaster Justus Frantz, violin virtuoso Tobias Feldmann, klezmer legend Giora Feidman and swing magician Andrej Hermlin. Symphonic romanticism, film music, sparkling classical music, virtuoso crossover or baroque sound splendour are performed by ensembles of high quality such as the Windsbacher Knabenchor, the Kammerakademie Potsdam, the Staatstheater Cottbus, the unique British Royal house singers The Queen’s Six or the Viennese virtuoso miracle the Janoska Ensemble.

30 locations provide the framework for dreaming, enjoying, exploring and letting your soul dangle: magnificent castles in Ribbeck or Doberlug, spacious parks in Lübbenau or in Schlossgut Schwante, ancient churches in Altfriedland or Lychen, monasteries, industrial monuments, theatres and concert halls. Interesting side programs with guided tours, excursions to the region or readings round off the festival offer. It will be a summer in the enchanting nature of Brandenburg with „the classics on country tours”.