Impression des Joseph Joachim Violinwettbewerbs 2015 – im Vordergrund ein junge Geigerin im roten Kleid, im Hintergrund die beleuchtete Büste Joseph Joachims

Repertoire 2024

Information for applicants


Béla Bartók:
Third and fourth movement of the Sonata for violin solo, Sz 117 (played from memory)

Franz Schubert:
A complete work for violin and piano of the competitor's choice (played from sheet music)

Preliminary Round 1

One of the following works for solo violin:

Johann Sebastian Bach:
BWV 1001, 1003, 1005


A work for violin solo of the 20th or 21st century, except of Béla Bartók Sonata for violin solo, Sz 117

(The maximum length of this session is 30 minutes!)

Preliminary Round 2

One of the following works violin and piano:

Ludwig van Beethoven:
E flat major, op. 12 No. 3
A minor, op. 23
A major, op. 30 No. 1
G major, op. 96

Franz Schubert:
Rondo B minor, D 895
Fantasie C major, D 934
Sonata A major, D 574


One complete work of the competitor's choice for solo violin or for violin and piano

(The maximum length of this session is 35 minutes!)

Semifinal Round 1

The semi-finalists will perform with the Munich Chamber Orchestra (play and conduct).

First and second movement of one of the following concertos for violin and chamber orchestra:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
B flat major, KV 207
D major, KV 218
A major, KV 219


third movement of:

Béla Bartòk
Divertimento, Sz 113

Semifinal Round 2

A recital with a total duration of 60-70 minutes.
The recital will contain the first violin part of a movement from a string quartet by Joseph Haydn. The sheet music for this will be handed out after the announcement of the semifinalists (each semifinalist will get the same preparation time). You will be playing with the Kuss Quartet (Jana Kuss, William Coleman, and Mikayel Hakhnazaryan).
The other works of this recital can be chosen freely, but should be inspired by the theme and reflect the artistic spectrum of the musician. In addition to pieces for solo violin and violin and piano, other musicians may also be involved. Bringing additional musicians is at your own expense.
The recital theme will be communicated on August 2, 2024, it will be selected by the artistic direction. The program should be submitted no later than August 19, 2024, together with an explanation suitable for publication in the program booklet (600-900 characters).

Final Round

The finalists will perform with the NDR Radiophilharmonie under the baton of Stephan Zilias

one of the following concertos for violin and symphony orchestra:

Ludwig van Beethoven, op. 61
Johannes Brahms, op. 77
Antonín Dvořák, op. 53
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, op. 64
Robert Schumann (1853)


the Commissioned Work by Enno Poppe

The finalist will all perform at the same evening. The awarding ceremony will follow the performances.

With the exception of the 20th/21st century works, the sonatas for violin and piano, the quartet movement, the Bartók Divertimento and the commissioned work, all pieces must be played from memory.