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Between September 14 and September 28, 2024, the Joseph Joachim Violin Competition in Hanover will take place for the 12th time. The competition is organized by the Stiftung Niedersachsen every three years. 
In 2024, violinists of all nations born between September 29, 1991 and September 16, 2008 are eligible to participate.

If you have any questions regarding your application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The application phase ends on March 31, 2024.

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Personal data

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Competition repertoire

Please indicate in the following form which works you intend to play in the competition.

Preliminary round 1


The total duration of preliminary round 1 must not exceed 30 minutes!

Preliminary round 2


The total length of preliminary round 2 must not exceed 35 minutes.

Semifinal round 1

The semi-finalists will be accompanied by the Munich Chamber Orchestra (play and conduct). 

It is expected that the semi-finalist will conduct.


Only the first and second movements of one of the following concertos for violin and orchestra will be played:


Semifinal round 2

A recital with a total length of 60-70 minutes 

The choice of repertoire is largely free. It is expected that the program will be 60-70 minutes long. The program planning will be included in the evaluation.


It must include


Piece 1 Piece 2
The recital will include the first violin part of a movement from a string quartet by Joseph Haydn. The sheet music for this will be handed out after the semi-finalists have been announced (each semi-finalist will be given the same preparation time). You will perform together with members of the Kuss Quartet (Jana Kuss, William Coleman and Mikayel Hakhnazaryan) and take on the role of primaria/primarius. The other works in this recital are freely selectable, but should be inspired by a theme and reflect the artistic spectrum of the musicians. In addition to pieces for solo violin and violin and piano, other musicians may also be involved. Additional musicians may be brought along at their own expense.


The theme will be announced on August 2, 2024 and will be selected by the artistic director. The program must be submitted by 19 August 2024 at the latest, together with an explanation suitable for publication in the program booklet (600-900 characters).

Final round

The finalists will perform with the NDR Radiophilharmonie under the direction of Stephan Zilias.

With the exception of the 20th/21st century works, the sonatas for violin and piano, the quartet movement, the Bartók Divertimento and the commissioned work, all pieces must be played from memory.


For a complete application, we require the following documents, which you should upload to our WeTransfer-Account at

  1. A birth certificate or other official document (passport) confirming your age
  2. A high-resolution, printable portrait in portrait format, free of third-party rights. Please name the photographer.
  3. Your artistic CV
  4. An uncut video recording of Béla Bartók: Sonata for violin solo Sz 117, from which 3rd and 4th movement (played off memory).
  5. An uncut video recording of a complete Franz Schubert duet with piano of your choice (played from the music sheet).
  6. A recording protocol confirming that you personally played the recordings.

Please transfer your files via WeTransfer and name the files as follows:

  • Surname_pass
  • Surname_photo
  • Surname_vita
  • Surname_bartok
  • Surname_schubert
  • Surname_protocol

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Confirmation and submission

This application is only complete once the video tracks have been uploaded.

You will be notified when we have received your complete application.

Good luck!